Allentown, PA – Milnes Business Development Leader Lexie Langan attended the “Let’s Build Construction Camp for Girls -Leigh Valley” on Leadership and Confidence Day to speak to the girls about being women in the construction industry.

The program is designed for middle & high school-aged girls to attend a free week-long camp to explore the construction trades, architecture, engineering, and construction manufacturing through a hands-on experience. The camp focused on the technical side of building and building confidence in the women of the future!

Lexie spoke to the girls about her unique position as Milnes Companies Business Development Leader and what her role entails. She then shared beyond her responsibilities to tell them what it takes: resilience, positive mindset, creativity, and working in an environment that aligns with your core values.

Lexie shared how positive self-image and resilience are qualities needed in any male-dominated industry and any sales position. She told the girls that they would put a lot of effort behind the scenes in the sales industry and hear the word no more often than they would hear the word yes. Langan said, “when prospecting for business, sometimes a NO is a NO, sometimes it’s a NOT RIGHT NOW, but every time it’s a WIN because you are spreading brand awareness.” She highlighted the importance of face-to-face interactions in a digital world and finding creative ways to stand out and stay present to your potential client, the local media, and community.

Lexie stressed how valuable it is to enjoy where you work and believe in the end product, the company core values, and mission statement no matter your role in the future, but especially in sales and marketing, which is ultimately a transference of feeling!

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© 2022 Milnes Companies. All rights reserved.