The PA Rural Water Association’s Featured Wastewater System included an article on a pilot study for the application of biologically active filters (BAF) for deammonification in Waverly Township, PA lagoon wastewater treatment system. The article was written  and presented by Thomas R. James, Thomas R. Milnes, PhD (principal of Milnes Engineering & Construction), and Philip B. Pedros, PhD (Director of Engineering,  F.R. Mahony & Associates). The article explains what lagoons or stabilization ponds are used for and describes results for cold water nitrification.  Consistent nitrification to less than 1.0 mg/l ammonium nitrogen levels was demonstrated. The process will meet all current requirements for discharge to a tributary stream to the Susquehanna River and can be readily expanded for denitrification to accomplish nitrogen removal as may ultimately be required for discharges to the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Based on pilot study results, Milnes Engineering, Inc. designed a BAF process to convert the ammonia nitrogen in the wastewater at Waverly Township’s sewage treatment facility to meet summer and winter effluent requirements. Through the public bidding process the contract has been awarded to Quandel Construction Company with completion expected in the first quarter of 2014. Milnes will provide management services during the construction of the project and following completion will assist in training and monitoring of the facility operation.

To view the full article, follow this link to PA Rural Water Association’s newsletter. The article is on pages 52 and 53.

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