A few key staff members from Milnes Engineering & Construction recently attended a workshop on the value and power of utilizing LinkedIn as a business-to-business forum.  While many of the Milnes employees are registered on LinkedIn, and there is a company page set-up for people to follow, it is advantageous for the company and its employees to continue to expand the utilization of this fast-growing and powerful business development tool.

Vice-President of Engineering Mick Goodwin, along with Project Managers Earl Thomas and Robert Killian, brought back what was learned at this workshop, and conducted an informal employee luncheon presentation about LinkedIn.  The primary goal of the presentation was to identify how easy it is to utilize LinkedIn, and to encourage all to experiment with it and utilize it much more in the future.  The value in growing the business network and maintaining a presence in the marketplace is well worth the effort.  Social media is certainly becoming the preferred means of communicating ideas, and is a dynamic tool to develop business relationships.

Milnes is excited to further develop a presence on LinkedIn!!!  Please check out our LinkedIn page and we hope to connect with you soon!!

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© 2020 Milnes Companies. All rights reserved.