Joe Reese Promoted to Assistant Project Manager:

As an Assistant Project Manager, Joe will be responsible to assist the Project Managers for the delivery of a complete project, and/or be in responsible charge of projects on his own from time to time.  For each project, this effort will begin by defining a project schedule and budget, and Joe will be responsible to help coordinate the efforts of the firm to ensure each project stays on-course, all while doing everything possible to understand and achieve the goals of every client.  Beyond leading the project specific design efforts, he will be active in: direct client interaction, correspondence, attendance at meetings, cost estimates, project specifications, project documents that need to be completed, etc. Multi-tasking will be critical in this role.

 Joe will be a key member of the management staff that will work to continuously develop and improve the company’s strategic plan.  This will include consistent effort to develop and maintain business, input and direction to consistently ensure optimal performance of staff, forward thinking and ideas to improve operational performance of the firm, development of new initiatives and implementation of those initiatives, and consistently developing ways to improve the culture and moral of the firm.

Joe has worked his way into this role by participating in a multitude of different projects, and learning numerous new skills along the way that will serve him well moving forward.  He has exhibited the capabilities that have warranted this promotion, and we are excited to watch him thrive with this new job description!!  We know Joe will help solidify our firm’s continued efforts to be a leader in the consulting engineering markets that we are involved with.  Since 1956, Milnes Engineering has served our clients with professional services and quality work that has withstood the test of time.  Joe has become a major part of that on-going effort as a young professional, who is consistently improving his skill set.

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© 2020 Milnes Companies. All rights reserved.