Surveying Case Study: Dore Subdivisions Surveying Project

Falls Township, Wyoming County

The Milnes Surveying team was hired to conduct a subdivision survey for the Dore property. The subdivision is unique as it involved three existing parcels of land under the same ownership that would need to first be combined into one overall parcel of land and then subdivided into the two separate lots requested by the client.

All subdivisions in Pennsylvania require sewage planning to be completed. In conjunction with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) and the local municipal Sewage Enforcement Official (SEO) Milnes staff assisted with delineating proposed areas that could be tested for an appropriately sized on-lot sewage disposal system. Milnes Surveying staff then complied the necessary documents to submit to the local municipality for review, approval and subsequent passing of a sewage resolution so as the final planning document could be sent to PA DEP for review and approval.

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