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surveys for more than 65 years

When you choose Milnes to survey your property boundaries or the land for your next construction project, you get licensed surveyors with decades of experience. We have completed more than 4,800 surveys throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Our experience and knowledge save you time and money

Milnes is your local surveying firm staffed with surveyors who have grown up in and know this area.


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Whether you are a developer planning a 200-home subdivision, a business looking to expand or construct a new building, or an individual whose lot needs to be surveyed due to a boundary dispute with your neighbor, we will take care of your surveying needs.

We offer the following surveying services:

  • Aerial mapping services
  • ALTA/NSPS land title surveys
  • Boundary retracement services
  • Construction layout
  • Court-directed surveys
  • Driveway and utility permits
  • FEMA elevation certificates
  • Planning and zoning submittals
  • Quantity surveys
  • Right-of-way and easement retracement and conveyance surveys
  • Sewage planning and DEP coordination
  • Subdivision surveys
  • Topographic and existing conditions surveys

We use the latest surveying tools and technology, including drones, to efficiently map your property. Milnes Licensed Drone Operators can fly your site, covering acres of ground in a matter of minutes, saving you valuable time and money.

Our drone services include:

  • Existing conditions mapping
  • Volume analysis
  • Construction progress and monitoring
  • 3D modeling
  • Inspections
  • Thermal imaging
  • Leak detection
  • Site documentation and photos
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Interested in having a survey completed on your property or for an upcoming construction project? Contact us for a FREE estimate within 24 hours!