Engineering Case Study: Wyalusing Municipal Authority Headworks Improvements Project

Milnes Engineering completed the design and permitting for a project that is intended to improve the removal of solids prior to the raw sewage entering the Wyalusing Municipal Authority’s existing wastewater treatment plant.

This proposed upgrade should help extend the life of the current treatment plant while facilitate any possible future expansion within the plant’s service territory. Currently, the treatment plant headworks consist of a combination influent comminutor and bar screen, followed by influent flow metering (via Parshall flume with ultrasonic sensor) in a single channel. The existing comminutor has essentially been worn to the point it is not very functional to remove certain items that are contained in the influent flow (i.e., rags, hair, other solids, etc.).

Milnes Engineering is proposing the installation of a new influent fine screen (with bar screen side channel bypass), which will be located inside of a new building to limit the potential of freezing (as well as better contain any potential odors). The screen will do a far better job of removing the influent solids that can be detrimental to the wastewater treatment process equipment and facilities downstream. The screenings will be collected and placed in an on-site dumpster for removal by a local solid waste hauler. The existing comminutor and bar screen will be removed.

In addition to the screen, Milnes Engineering proposed the following additional work to be done:

  • Replacement of the influent flow metering setup with a new prefabricated metering manhole. Recording of the influent data will continue to be done as it is currently once everything is installed.
  • Purchase and use of a new flow proportional composite sampler to monitor the influent water quality to the treatment plant. The location of the new sampler will be after the fine screen, so the majority of the non-biological solids will be removed from the process stream.
  • All of the facilities related to sludge drying that are not in use will be abandoned in-place. It is still part of the permitting for this facility that the sludge would be thickened and dewatered for removal. The sludge is currently being pumped and hauled without additional drying, and that is intended to continue.
  • Other site work related to the project will be required such as fence relocation, water service relocation, access road relocation, fuel tank relocation, etc.

Milnes Engineering will continue to work with the Authority to acquire the necessary financing, bid and award the project, administer the project during construction, and provide routine inspection of the work. Upon construction completion, Milnes Engineering will assist the Authority to close the project out and place the new facilities into operation.