Construction Case Study: Tunkhannock Ford

Size: 23,400 SF

The Tunkhannock Ford dealership was a new construction project located just outside Tunkhannock PA on a 20-acre site. Milnes Construction provided turn-key services for this state-of-the-art facility. The building’s super structure is a hybrid between a pre-engineered metal building for the service garage and structural steel and metal stud framing for the showroom area.

This project faced major challenges form the beginning, as it took place through the heart of the COVID-19 supply chain crisis as well as major labor shortages throughout the industry. This was also coupled with permitting issues due to delays at the state level. The Milnes team planned the work extremely carefully to ensure all subcontractors, suppliers and equipment vendors were able to deliver their services on schedule. We also worked with government representatives at both the state and local levels to keep the project moving through the permitting process as efficiently as possible. Overall, the success of this project was the result of a well-designed building, a great client, intense planning and organization and a quality construction team.